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Individual Forms For Guardianship

The forms listed below are specific for filing in Shelby County Probate Court only; please CLICK HERE for a list of all Standard Probate Forms, as listed on the website of the Ohio Supreme Court.

15.81 Bank Certificates
15.82 Certificate of Service of Notice of Filing Guardian's Account
15.83 Affidavit of Service of Notice of Hearing
17.03 Application for Appointment of Emergency Guardian
17.04 Judgment Entry Appointing Emergency Guardian
17.05 Judgment Entry Continuing Appointment of Emergency Guardian
17.06 Entry Setting Hearing on Appointment of Emergency Guardian
17.07 Affidavit of Service (of emergency orders)
17.08 Motion to Continue Appointment of Emergency Guardian
17.09 Waiver of Notice and Consent to Appointment of Emergency Guardian
17.7m Report of Guardian of Minor
75.1 Self Representation Acknowledgment
75.2c Appl to Dispense with Gdn Bond
75.2d Entry Regarding Gdn Bond
75.3a Contact Information
104.2f Petition to Accept Gdnsp. from Jurisdiction Outside OH
104.2g Notice of Petition to Transfer Guardianship
104.2h Waiver of Notice and Consent to Transfer
104.2i Provisional Order Granting Petition to Accept Transfer of Gdnsp. From Outside OH
104.2j Final Order Accepting Jurisdiction of Gdnsp. & Appointing Gdn.
115.44 Entry Continuing Hearing On Application For Appointment Of A Guardian
115.45 Entry Resetting Hearing On Application For Appointment Of A Guardian
115.61 Entry Setting Hearing on the Appl. to Terminate Guardianship OF MINOR & Ordering Notice
115.63 Notice Of Hearing On Application To Terminate Guardianship of MINOR
115.66 Waiver Of Notice Of Hearing On The Application To Terminate Guardianship of MINOR
116.40 Affidavit For Unknown Address Of A Parent
117.00 Affidavit Of Indigency & Entry
117.10 Court Appointed Attorney Fees Application
117.11 Motion/Entry/Certification for Reimbursement of Fees for Criminal Background Check
117.12 Notice to Court Regarding Ohio Residency
117.13 Request for a Background Check
117.15 Suggestion Of Death Of Ward
200.60 Resignation Of Fiduciary
200.61 Entry Accepting Resignation Of Fiduciary
204.05 Application For Release Of Funds To Custodial Depository In Lieu Of Bond
204.06 Entry Ordering Release Of Asset Directly To Custodial Depository To Be Held In Lieu Of Bond
204.07 Verification Of Receipt And Deposit
213.80 Entry Setting Hearing On Account
245.XX Application & Entry Extending Time For Filing